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the verse: al-naml:4


"Verily, those who believe not in the Hereafter, We have made their deeds fair-seeming to them, so they wander about blindly." (al-naml:4)

mendalam ayat nie. memang kena batang hidung sendiri. ye la, kita cakap kita percaya pada hari akhirat, tapi still buat benda yang kononnya nampak cantik di mata kita, tapi hakikatnya jelek di mata Allah. agree? haih, it's time to reflect myself. 3 minggu, what have u done to yourself at least, dear fatihah? i am sure u do not want to be one of the-they-wander-about-blindly type of person, aite? T.T

monolog luaran1_sebulan tak sharing2, kekok, kena pulak nak switch guna bahasa standard di bumi kelate. anyway, alhamdulillah, masih diberi kesempatan untuk mentarbiah diri walau cuti. eh, tarbiah itu tak pernah cuti tau.ingat ye kawan2.may Allah bless :)

monolog luaran2_nak tolong berdebar untuk bakal pengantin boleh?hee..22 hari lagi aww ;)

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the story: i'm here


am still alive and kicking #eh.eiduladha
may Allah bless those who read my blog. yeah. i know, i didn't write for quite sometimes. busy ke malas ke. entah, just that Allah didn't give me any ilham to write something worth to be read. will be writing soon, inshaAllah, tunggu habis exam rabu nih..and yeah, i have like bundles of stories to be told, but we'll see..

till next time. inshaAllah. salam alaik

p/s: will be facing a lot of good byes and hellos soon. may Allah keep us stronger and firmer :)

the wish: nine



i'm not that hardworking to write these days. don't ask why, even me asking myself, i found it hard to give even a single strong point.zzz to me.anyway, the statement below is just from my facebook status. see, betapa malasnya ceq sampai sanggup copy status je.harhar -.-

to my lovely akhwats, happy 9 month. idk why munira reminds us during our 9th month, but hey, there must be reasons kan? i just need time to process the reasons.acewah.

9 bulan melayari so-called-new-life. 9 bulan yang tiap2 hari mahu tak mahu must learn new things; sebab mulut kata sayang agama, sayang Allah, sayang rasulullah. dan kalau sayang tapi setakat di mulut memang tak best la kan? #nauzubillah
sayang yang bergerak bersama2 action is the one that not only me, but u too are trying ur best to do so. dan 9 bulan and onwards tipulah kalau cakap hidup smooth
 takde naik turun bukit. tapi sebab sayang, sama2 kita gagahkan diri, gagahkan hati, gagahkan semua yang ada tu untuk Dia. even kalau ditakdirkan kena buang sorang2 kat tengah laut tu pon sila jadi gagah.

"dan 9 bulan ni dah berapa kali tergelincir off track. ada masa dua2 kaki, ada masa sebelah kaki dan ada masa juga dengan badan-badan sekali,heh ( Munira Anis,2012)"

tapi Allah still sayang kita.kenapa cakap Allah sayang? even kita off track pon dia boleh pusingkan hati kita pada dia dengan jayanya. hebat kan?

entah apa akan terjadi esok, next week, next month, next year, next few years. sungguh kita tak kan pernah mampu predict. tapi mohon pada Allah dipermudahkan segala urusan, diperkukuhkan iman di dada. allahumma ameen allahumma ameen.

till next time.inshaAllah.assalamualaikum

the thought: baitul muslim is cool like that!



amboi gambar.ehehe.ameen :)

i have to admit that this few days, I've encountered like a lot of situation that discussed about baitul muslim.it was cool though because i can actually pick up more or less information from each conversation that I've had.,and seriously those conversations, situations and etc makes me think triple times about the idea of marriage.

it doesn't mean that i'm against marriage.oh no, not at all la buddy. i wish to get married earlier that my ummi did..haha..btw, she got married when she's 26..so, the latest for me is 25..eh.haha.macam nie pon boleh ke? whatever it is, we planned, but His planning is way much better that ours..back to the topic, to be honest, i am one of the supporter when it comes to early marriage..i think it is cool to be able to hold the big responsibility at young age..but still before you get married, you have to actually think ahead..bukan saje suka2 nak kahwin for the sake of having halal relationship la kirenye..

yeap, ahead here means, about your responsibility, your relationship and many more aspects.. there are too many to be listed here, pikiaq sendiri naa..hehe..bukan ape, when u have decided to get married, you are actually have made decision to share your life with a person that u think u might know him/her but actually there are too many things that you do not know..get what i mean? for sure, they will be a lot of minor and major problems in marriage, where you and your partner should handle them with care.. it is good actually to prepare yourself with some plans/solution before you encounter the problems.. ever heard sediakan payung sebelum hujan? basically, this is my point..haha..punye panjang aku explain -.-

and yeah, buat pemuda pemudi harapan agama kat luar sana..never ever forget our main goal that is to be a good khalifah to Allah. stated there in surah al-baqarah, verse 30..marriage is not the goal, it is only an instrument for us to grab the goal..get it?

but hey, let's make sure that the baitul muslim that we build can help us to be a better muslim/muslimah..who knows after marriage, our iman increase, our ibadah increase..who knows kan? *wink2* so, for those who are going to get engage, going to get marry, timba la sebanyak mana ilmu that you can..have sharing session with elders, have sessions like tanyalah ustaz ke, follow a few baitul muslim's course ke...never stop learning and asking questions..even after marriage, never stop learning..believe me, even after 20 years of marriage you will not stop learning about this topic. *gaya macam banyak pengalaman -.-

anyway, baitul muslim is cool like that. eh, harus la cool, things that Allah asked us to do are cool tau.. but again, this is not our main goal..and never love someone more than your love towards Allah and nabi Muhammad S.A.W..inshaAllah, your life will be blessed :)

ahah, sangat la weird when i write about this..this is my humble opinion la..my opinion might not the same as yours because each of us did have different way of thinking..world won't be fun if all of us think alike..so, what do you think? baitul muslim is cool like that because .... *isi tempat kosong*

pens off.till next time.salam alaik

p/s: things had been clarified.i'm so happy. i feel like flying now.weeehuu..thank you Allah :)

the story: raya



too many things to do. too many things that i want to do but i don't have the opportunity to do. too many things inside my head that is waiting for their turn to come out and show themselves. oho..dilema wanita sungguh...haha..anyway, salam eid to all..well, we're still in syawal right?

and yeah, today is september. it shows that i will have to go through a super busy month. assignments, perkhemahan KRS, Bina Insan Guru and etc.. and i really have no clue how i'm suppose to do all those things calmly..haha..may Allah ease our days..

malaih dah ceq nak menaip..nah amik la tatap gambaq raya ceq yang tak brapa nak havoc sgt tahun nie.. and i wonder why..age factor kah? -.-

masa nie tak nangis lagi.kental la konon.
dang.masa nih xleh tahan dah.haha -.- *buruk nor*
le familia
with uda's children
umi saya jangok
kid's rule
and i do not know when will i post a more serious entry. may Allah gives me the ilham to write.ameen.

off writing.till next time, assalamualaikum

the story: final pbs



yes people, finally we met our final pbs or sbe or ros or whatever you want to call. it's sad though.. yela, next year da praktikum..no more main2 relax at school..like seriously kalau praktikum boleh main2 i want to do praktikum every sem la gitu..and no more cuti lebih seminggu..how sad is that? very sad T.T

anyway, here's some pictures taken at the school. sekolah dekat rumah jah..sk panji cewah..kami 14 orang serang that school and we are too awkward with each other *except for some* especially the guys.. tapi hari last *which is today* ok la sikit..boleh la bawak bual..cewah

intro haruslah muka sendiri.eh.abe praktikum sedap tido kat blake -.-
hari nie sayer dapat duit rayer. they said, not me 
excited nyo awokkk
we start our final day with congkak battle.lol @library
these two super cute kids watching us playing congkak.comel dop teacher?hehe
pemes la izzul.masuk video benar.ekeke
4 ipg :)
cenderamata untuk sekolah. the boys knew how to choose present.syukran geng2 ipkdri
bagi hadiah #1
bagi hadiah #2
puteri2 manis.eh ;)
kami :)
pbs kali nie 4 hari ja.ye la, esok cuti mehhh..and yeah, pejam celik pejam celik, da nak masuk 27 ramadhan dah..i'm super sad now..i did'nt perform well in this ramadhan..ya Allah rugi sangat2.. sedih, sebab diri nie belum pasti akan ada peluang untuk bertemu lagi ramadhan next year..we never know future, kan?

ok la, azam dua tiga hari nie nak buat biskut raya cewah kau.haha.irfan la nih bersungguh benor..nak buat biskut nahh..kalau tak sedap dia telan la sorang biskut tuh..haha

till next time, inshaAllah.

assalamualaikummmm :)

the story: events



fasa ke tiga dah datang. so how's your spirit? is the graph increase or decrease? well, i do hope and pray that our graph makin naik and naik and naik. and yeah, 10 malam terakhir is the night where we try to 'catch' lailatul qadr.. why don't we try to catch it..who knows, rezeki kita jumpa malam tu kan? only Allah knows..hee

oh btw, there's a lot of events happened during ramadhan in IPSAH. like yes, a lot..and being me, pictures tell stories better than me..me is not a good storyteller..aha

iftar jamaie IPSAH

that's IPGM's rector and our pengarah

and the moreh.i ate like a lot.teehee

iftar jamaie with usrah mate
kete mistique shafik.syukran akhi bagi pinjam kereta.huhu

tempting enough?ahaks

sesi fotografi @jeti semeling

sambutan kemerdekaan
my love.saranghae!!
banner kelas kami yeay
classmates FTW
muka peliks FTW.haha
jejaka (?) Tesl FTW

andddd now i'm home.teehee..it's  good to be home..and yeah, at last fasting at home!! seronokkk..ok la..i guess i'll stop right here..

till next time.assalamualaikum :)