Turning 26

I am turning 26.
But somehow, I feel sad.
Not because I am getting older.
Just, somehow, I feel sad.
Hormonal, maybe.

Still, thank you Allah for this 26 years.
I wouldnt know if this is my final year of living or I will be given chances to have more years ahead.

Am i allowed

Am i allowed to feel sad
Over things that haven't started
Am i allowed to feel sad
Over things that i myself haven't sure of
Am i allowed to feel sad
When u said can't instead of no
Am i allowed
To feel
At least



Feeling like writing again. It's been a while, and it's 2017 now.

Read me, twenty-seventeen. I'm 26 this year. Twenty six guys.

Well, my 25 years old me got nothing much to share, I probably having a very chaotic 2016.

Nothing chaotic outside, it is just me, inside, being chaotic.

2016 taught me a lot, that, a lot makes me starting to hate me. Haha.

I'm trying to get my feet back on the track this year, I sincerely pray for that.

I pray that, in 2017, I'll becoming a better person; daughter, friend, teacher, and mostly, a better servant of Allah.

I pray that, for you too.