you say hai, i say bye

in a few more hours, 2011 will come..and for those who was born on 1991, silelah terima kenyataan kite dah nak masuk era 20-an..sudah tiada lagi dalam kamus perkataan 'belas' itu  ye kawan2..sob3

in 1 and 1/2 hours, i'll have to say goodbye to my hometown..weyh sedih weyh kat sini ada astro dapat tengok astro fiesta yang ada citer 3 idiots hari hari sampai 3 hb januari tuh sob3..

okey.jumpa lagi tahun depan.adios T_T

saya nak nie, 2011!

2010 gives a lot of things to me, and it takes mr.2011, i want these!! joong ki.25 years old

haha..jangan gelabah 2011, nie ha..yang bawah nie baru betol..palaroid camera..or instant picture pon ada instant jugak ingatkan maggi je..sape mau sponsor sile angkat tangan sekarang..keke

 nie satu lagi saye nak jugak..whoa tamak kau fatihah tamak..

 sungmin. 24 years old

hah..berangan lagi lah..ape kau ingat super junior tengok kau..dorang pon kau tak penah tengok live..muhahaha..dah dah,,nie ha..the real thing is i want this!! nie memang da lame sangat la nak tapi pitih tak dop..oram putih cakap in ur dream la

but seriously i'm hunting for these items next year..yang cik palaroid tuh maybe tercapai lah kot sebab harga die takdelah killer macam harga cik dslr tuh memang i kill u lah harga die..huh..impian masuk degree dapat lesen sudah tercapai..impian kamera hebat and result tiptop bila lagi? nak berazam hebat2 tak mampu lagi..kite buat ape yang mampu dulu la kan :)

psttt: ape impian korang next year?

saya O, awak?

here is the explanation of what kinda person u are based on your blood type..sape tatau die punye blood type sile check sekarang lepas tu baru mai sambung baca post nie okey..

Blood type A
People with blood type A are usually serious, patient, and cool. They are also emphatic, certifiable, and believable although they are stubborn. Before they do something, they usually think first and plan it in detail. Indeed, they like harmony, peace and organization.

They do everything seriously and consistently, and make themselves appropriately. That is why, they will try not to hurt anyone with their words or speak unnecessarily. But, they can stand apart from other people. They also suppressed their feeling, so they look rigid although they still have weaknesses, such as nervous, scary, and many more. They lean to surround themselves with the same characteristic people.

Blood Type B
People with blood type B tend to be curious and interested in everything. They also lean to have many hobbies. If they are interested in something, they will be buoyant, but unfortunately they will be bored fast. However, they can choose the most important thing for them to do.
They lean to want to be number one in anything rather than just to be average people. But, they usually ignore another activity if they have focused on a certain activity. In other words, they cannot do some activities at the same time.

They look cheerful, enthusiastic, and bright. But, they are actually not like their appearances. Indeed, they are antisocial with many people. They are rugged individualists who are straightforward and like to do things their own way. Unluckily, their insistence on being independent can sometimes go too far and become a weakness.

Blood type AB
People with blood type AB have sensitive and soft feeling. They have profound interests with other people's feelings and always face other people with care and beware. However, they also tough with themselves and people close to them. Thus, they lean to have two personalities.
They are usually grudge people and think something too deep. Fortunately, they have a lot of friends, but they also need time to be lonely to think their own problems.

Blood type O
People with blood type O usually have a big role in motivating the passion of their groups and stimulating the harmonious relationship among the group members. They look like people who accept and do something calmly.

They are smart to cover up their feelings, so they look like people who are always cheerful, peaceful, and do not have problem at all. But, if they cannot bear it, they will surely find out a place or someone to talk.

They are kind, often do kindness, and are not reluctant to get out of their money to other people. They are actually stubborn too and have their own opinions about anything in confidence, but they are also flexible and easily accept new things. No wonder that they lean to be influenced easily by other people. Look like people who are temperate and believable, but they also often make big mistakes because of their careless characteristic. However, their characteristics make them lovable.

so, amacam? agree or not with the explanation? this thing might not accurate 100% but it might have something that similar to yourself aite? anyway, saye bangga jadi pemilik darah O..muhahaha

big family

dulu mase form two, i have a very large family..a small but strong mom and 19 siblings..include me then there will be 20 of us..don't u think our mom is strong mom? haha..our relationship is to say aa? strong? fantastic? incredible? hooooh..seriously i can't find any words that suits our situation...waaa..ahaha.. wanna take a look at my superb sibling? and not to forget, our che' that took a good care of us..
aha..ramai bukan?? kami bukan sebaya.. 10 orang form 2 and 10 lagi form 4..kami terbentuk (?) sebagai satu kumpulan untuk mewakili sekolah dalam Celcom Youth Ambassador..waaahaha..kalau tak tau apa itu CYA, google la,,nak explain pon beta tak pandai..

 kami dapat wakil negeri ooo..hebat tak? haha..perasan gile la kau fatihah =.='

halwa telinga before presentation, dikir barat wa cakap lu memang best la!
from left above: kak fairuz, anis, kak saerah, faris, apik, zakwan, hafiz, marwan, ridha, kak anis, kak fathiah, t-rex
from left below: marina, amrina, fatihah, syuhada, zhariff, kak wiwi, farhana, kak sarah

our mom, yang pakai baju kurung kuning, puan norizan
and finally we won..3rd place wa cakap lu..haha..bangga siot la mase tu..teheeee..tapi seriously masa kami spend around 8 months(?) together memang sweet dan best walaupon penat..projek kami, that is gotong royong at pasar berek 12 tu, we won't forget it, at least i won't forget it..kalau tak menang pon takpe sebab memang nothing better than those experiences that we gained during our preparation..haha-i-miss-that-time-seriously

result report

i'm sorry abah umi..kakak tak leh buat medic..result kak tak lepas nop apply medic..sedih la..emh, maybe it is not my destiny to be a doctor kot umi, abah..tak pe la..janji result kak lepas la untuk further study buat ijazah sarjana muda [TESL] sesi 2011..ehe..alhamdulillah la dop..nanti kak belajar elok2 4 tahun nie then i'll graduate as an english teacher..

kalau ambil preparation buat TESL tibe2 dapat buat medic nye ijazah bukanke ajaib tuh.ahahaha..btw, cohort kami 100% pass if i'm not mistake..well done guys!! 

p/s: abah tengok cgpa aku teros cakap, 'kak, tak lepas la nok buat medic'..and i replied dalam hati, 'start doh berangan..haha'

our prince

dear danish amzar,
happy birthday my dear-little-2-years-old-brother..grow up faster and be a good son towards abah and ummi okey? i can't wait to listen u calling me 'kakak' so learn how to pronounce my nickname faster ok adik? and again, happy birthday..u know that i'll always love u ^^


lots of love and hugs, 


encik laptop dah keluar hospital..phewiiit..hahaha..i miss you like crazy lah encik laptop ^^

sekarang da boleh berpesta dengan encik laptop dalam bilik..lunaskan hajat mau abeskan cite korea dalam hardisc comel *wink*

jom main tanda tanda

MR.L again tagged me..let see..have to take my phone dulu then i can do this tag..hopefully no funny answer came out ^^
1. Put your music library on shuffle. 
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 
3. You must write that song title as the answer to the question,
    no matter how silly it sounds!
    Most of the time they seem to work though, strangely enough. 
4. Ok, go!
5. When you're done, tag 20 people in this note, 
    and make sure to tag the person who sent you this.
    The answer to #20 is the Title of your note 
1.If someone says, “Is this okay?” you say
t-ara - lies

2. How would you describe yourself? 
westlife - i lay my love on you =.='

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
westlife - more than words *sigh*

4. How do you feel today?
2am - you wouldn't answer my call ( and yeah, i haven't messaging nor calling using my phone since the holiday started.pathetic sungguh.haha)

5. What is your life’s purpose?
2pm - back to you (yep.back to HIM)

6. What's your motto? 
2pm - i was crazy (eheh.siuman lagi ^^)

7. What do your friends think of you? 
2pm - i will give you my life ( commentoo)

8. What do you think of your parents? 
2pm - instead of saying goodbye (i will say hello then)

9. What do you think about very often?
2pm - tik tok

10. What is 2 + 2? 
2pm - tired of waiting ( ak mmg fail math.bhahaha)

11. What do you think of your best friend(s)?
2pm - 10 poits out of 10 (huh..hebat ah..syu,aimi,ez,awa,chuelah..haha)

12. What do you think of the person you like?
nick jonas - a little bit longer (mak aih..the lyric seems to answer the quest..waaah..haha)

13. What is your life story?
2pm - again and again

14. What do you want to be when you grow up? 
o-town - all or nothing (eh..have to be something lahh)

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
2pm - angel (waaaaaaah.haha.xde makne nye)

 16. What will you dance to at your wedding? 
timbaland ft one republic - appologize (wooo.)

 17. What will they play at your funeral?
big bang - as if nothing wrong (  oh.sume orang buat dose kott)

18. What is your biggest fear?
super junior - super girl

19. What is your biggest secret?
super junior - blue tomorrow

20. What will you post this as?
big bang - baby baby

aik.da abe??nak lagiii ;P haha..ok, as u can see most of the answer are korean songs..sebab die senang je..i love korean song more than malay songs and as for english i'm a bit picky..kalau minat gile tuh westlife lah..sebab diorang influence besar dari kecik lagi..and now i'm in love with nick jonas's songs..orang lain sume layan adik bieber tapi saya memamng xtak pandai nak layan lagu adik bieber nih..and and GLEE..serious i like that gile sungguh membebel kan2?? emh..nak tag siapa ye?? i'll drop comments on ur page..and please do it..just for fun la nih ^^

it's spm fever!

suppose to post this encourage message to my brother last night but all of the sudden my laptop create some problems..tunggu masa nak rosak je die tuh..heh..but yeah, still not too late since today is his first, dear Muhammad Haziq b Azemi, although i know that u will not read my blog (of course, u won't online for couple of weeks and yeah, u don't know bout my blog.muhahaha) but me as a good sister, wanna wish u a very good luck in your SPM..hope that u'll get a better result compare to me :)



nah..1st award..dari en.L, rakan maktab saye satu batch kemudian jadik rakan alam maya pulak..waaah..baru je follow die tapi tibe2 dapat award..tq en.L ye ^^

1. Kenapa saya pilih nama blog saya camtu
sebab nama saya lah macam tuh..thah..

2. 5 perkara yang aku suka?
-tengok cite korea
-donlod cite korea
-usha mamat korea.bhahaha =.='

3. 5 perkara yang aku tak suka?
-yang ingat ak nie hak milik dorang (except for THE ALMIGHTY and my parents of course)
-orang match kan ak ngan orang.(ak pon xpaham ak tulis ap =.=' )
-apa yang saya tak suke..(banyak ngat.xtau nak tulis ap)

4. tag orang lain...
-mc gee


beb, i'm home and guess what? i got the prize from the contest that i've joined last..emh.can't remember..maybe last 2 month..the contest from tiga hati.. ^^'s a fridge magnet ^^ tak kesah lah adiah apa2 pon saye tetap ade orang yang tak gembira kalau dapat adiah? sila lah angkat tangan.hoho..okey lah..ngantok sekarang..mau solat subuh dulu..selamat bercuti semua.. ^^

final 3

sekarang kan musim final..tak kire lah anda student maktab kah atau mane2 IPT atau sekolah2,semua tengah strugle untuk exam final..tengah2 syok study, angin nak buat post datang lepas lame da tidak mengupdate..

gaya idup budak sbp.ah..rinduuu

kalau stress kami makan2.ahaha.nie zaman malas nak lipat tudunggg ^^

nie dalam dewan.waahh.i miss that moment

nie waktu senggang antara paper.tade kije,penat study jalan2 satu skolah

after exam.dulu yeay sekarang sob2

i miss cikgu2
i miss my geng
i miss my deskmate selama lamanya
i miss my classmates
i miss my batch mates
i miss my dorm mates
i miss the memories i made there
i miss the moment where i send and received SBP cards
moment i cried, i laughed, i'm mad, i'm sick
senang cerita i miss everything in SCIPP
waaaaaaaaaaaa.nak jadi budak sekolah menengah balik.. T.T

p/s: nie sume mase form 5.hee.tak berubah bukannn? ^^

final 2

assalamualaikum.hello.hai.annyeong..hari nie second paper and i feel great.saya rasa hebat ye.sebab hari nie saya banyak merapu..bisalah, kertas esei, merapu itu wajib..kalau tak macamane mau dapat markah..paper ari nie jugak agak hebat macam paper semalam tapi yang pastinya tak boleh lawan kehebatan paper semalam..paper semalam hebat dia membunuh tapi hari nie boleh bernafas lagi walaupun nyata 3 jam tak cukup..harusnya die tambah sejam lagi..baru lah okeh..esok malam jom balik week pulak sambung cerita final..2 paper lagi saya jamin sangat hebat..percayalah =.=

final 1

satu dah habis, tinggal tiga lagi..paper tadi memang hebat sangat..hebat bukan sebab boleh jawab dengam confident..tapi hebat sebab susah tak macam latihan2 buat lam kelas yang perasaan nak jawabnye macam makan kacang T_T takpe2.saye harap2 lulus.lulus.lulus...jom, kita sama2 berharap jom...

esok ldv.tulis esei jomm..


this is what i watch this weekend.ilang jugak lah stress nak exam.boleh lah daku bersuka ria bergelak sakan sebentar bersama running and korean cant be seperated.wah.ayat tidak boleh blah ye..

cepatlah abis cepatlah abes cepatlah abes..lulus lah lulus lah lulus lah final
agak2 kalau ulang tiga kali memang jadi betul tak? bhahahaha

nota kaki;
penat tunggu kena mula dulu?oh tidak.ego saya tinggi jugak. 
akal kate layan exam dulu lahhh ^^

demo silat mini karnival


some of the performances that catches their eyes ^^

the crowd.thanks to them kami semangat membara

weehoo.dapat hamper ^^ terus melantak on that day
more pictures on FB.for more info about silat cekak hanafi, please browse to our website,



okey. i got this from bace nih..boleh jugak gelak2 lepas abes silat and stress study.i luve kelante!!

baco sapa abis ni.baru demo pehe..buleh tehe nk suko selok..kawe guling bating do-de-do-de baco..hahaha..

Kantoi 1 Gu kawe kijo hotel,dio sepatutnyo anta guest pegi airpot tapi huje pulok,dio tunggu la sapa uje berenti baru dio oyak ko guest, kawe denga dio oyak gini"mari kita pergi encik,hujan sudah SERIK ni"

Kantoi 2 Dulu,mase kat belaja kat kolej,kelas komputer,kawe aja gu kawe pasal komputer,doh dio slow nok teke tikuh tu,kawe kato la gini"Ming,tunggu gapo lagi nyo, PENYEK la mouse tu" .Gu kawe pun kato,oloh,kapong molek bahaso mung,mujur mu tok oyak JIREK…

Kantoi 3 Kawan abg ipar aku kantoi ketika dinner di hotel, biasalah kan waiter akan refill air sejuk dalam gelas tu kan..

dia kata lebih kurang macam ni semasa waiter itu sedang menuang air kedalam gelasnya..

"adik, dah banyak air tu, PADAM, PADAM.."

dengan muka yang selamba dan serius..

Kantoi 4 kwn aku... dia nak bayar harge pulut lepa kat cafe....dia sebut

“pulut LEMPA satu”...

sepatutnya pulut panggang

Kantoi 5 cikgu : ada berapa jenis KUTUB kat bumimurid : dua, cikgucikgu : nama dua jenis kutub tersebutmurid : KUTUB AYAM dan KUTUB DAGING

(khutub @ kerutuk)

Kantoi 6 cikgu: kenapa baju sekolah awak ade bintik2 hitam?murid: Baju saya kena PERTIK SAWA cikgu.

Kantoi 7 ni cito aku pulok....maso mulo2 masuk cafe beli air dale gelas plastik mcam kat psar malam tu..pahtu maso nok bayar tuh..."kak, ada TUDUNG tak?" sambil tgn tunjuk kat atah gelas tuh....kakak tuh mulo2 tok pehe....doh aku duk tunjuk atah gelah tu dia pun kata..."ooo....penutup"....dgn muko selamba..."a ah penutup"....malu weh....hehehehe

Kantoi 8 kwn aku citer cara2 masak kerutup..

”mula2 panaskan minyak...masukkan bhn kisar...tumis hingga naik bau...kemudian masukkan AWAS.....”

Kantoi 9 “saya tinggal bersama ayah, ibu, adik dan kakak. rumah saya berdekatan dengan rumah nenek. kadang-kadang rumah saya BERKUBANG.....”

Kantoi 10 Aku pernah dengar statement ni kat bank...

“hutang encik yang perlu bayar ialah dua ribu tiga ratus lima puluh ringgit point SAMAS.....”

yg ak nk sukonyo ore wak oyak tu ore cino......

Kantoi 11 kemarin dulu anak aku muntah atas katil, abih aa kena dkt cadar ngan toto..smlm kitaorg tengah masukkan toto ngn cadar dlm mesin basuh..pah, aku oyak gini dkt hubby aku .." bang, lupa la nak ambik SAMPUL BANTAL sama.."

laki aku bantai gelak..ingatkan surat je ada sampul..bantal pun ada gak ke

Kantoi 12 peristiwa kat bandar jengka...member kelantan aku gak.....'BANG MINTAK SUPIK SATU'.....wakakaka.....bercakap luar tuh...

Kantoi 13 masa aku study kat UM sewa umah kat bangsar...

ada housemate budak kedah nak pinjam motor...dia tanya mana kunci motor aku...

dengan macho nya aku jawab...'kunci motor ada dalam SORAK meja aku tu..'


Kantoi 14 masa di U mulo, ado member aku ni buleh awek bdk Johor.. mmg sokmo berigak ayat kelate time dia berkecek luar ngan awek dia tuh.. contoh paling kelakar aku igt lg masa tu dia tgh bergayut tanya khabar awek dia yg demam..

"Ayang.. camne dah "sial" ke belum demam ayang tu?" pastuh lagi.. "sori la abang x sempat call ayang, abang tidor strik (straight) td"

Kantoi 15 member citer takdih......

si A nampak ular lalu menjerit...." ular.....ular.....katak.....katak..."....

Kantoi 16 ade sorang awek kelate ni kije receptionist kat hotel kawan aku kije...aritu hotel xdak api,blackout, so guest kol la hotel ,dia yg cakap

guest : " nape takde api ni"awek : " maaf cik,black out.api berJENTAP"

Kantoi 17 Dalam sebuah komuter...

“abang boleh ALIH sikit tak? Saya nk duduk ETEP.”

Kantoi 18 Ada org luar tu dia mari jalan kmpung tu tau doh dia orng luar..

Ore luar tu g jale umoh woris dia..woris jauh2..jadi anak tuan umoh tu nak kecek luar jugak la..

Org Luar : ' mak ada tak? 'Anak Tuan Umah : " takdi mak ada duk tanah .. dia cakap nak gi tembak, nk g beli lauk..... "

[standard org2 kg kat kelantan..waktu2 tengahari, kalau nak beli ikan, mereka akan tunggu penjual ikan datang ngn motor kat tembak (tepi jalan )  

Kantoi 19 
haha..aku ado kisoh saen aku dio nak beli kuih d bazar ramadhan ari tu...die beli kuih rm2 gune duet rm5 pahtu mok cik kedai tu wi balik rm dio ni oyak ar,

"mok cik cucur lagi xcukup seringgit.." mok cik ni pon oyak ar.."cucur xde dek, kalo nak kat kedai sebelah ade".

Kantoi 20 aku tringat pok sdaro aku maso gi kijo s'pore dulu

sebelum tu dia gi jale2 di johor dulu...dia skali nga saing2 dia 3 oghegi lah beli air....pah tu dia tanyo mokcik tu...

"kak..... PLETIM adaa ?

kakok tu ngango sapa.......saing2 dia pecoh perut dengar " PLETIM"

Kantoi 21 tringat ado soghe saing crito maso dio baru pindoh singapore...maso tu dio skoloh rendoh lagi...ado sari tu mok dio suruh gi keda beli bare...

saing : toke...kakah sup ada?

toke : hah?? kasut? kasut tak ada...itu terompah ada la...

saing : bukannn...kakah sup la...ada ke?

toke : aiya...saya sudah cakap kasut tak ada...terompah saja ada...

saing : (balik rumoh gi tanyo mok dio kelik) ma...cino tu duk royak kasut kasut tropoh...royak nok kakah sup...duk tawar tropoh dio...

mok saing : ma tok ingak nok royak sini oghe panggel repoh sup (rempah sup)...

saing : pade pong cino tu tok pehe...

Kantoi 22 aritu mak mentua saya ikot balik kedah. time maghrib, suami n abah saya nak pegi surau.mak mentua saya gi tanya kat abah saya

"ustaz nok gi balasoh doh ko?"terkejut abah saya . "taklah mek, nak pegi belasah sape pulak ni?"

Kantoi 23 membe saya cikgu,jenis pekat gler kelate tp ngajar di kL...budok2 biaso laa gege dale kelas..pastu dok tubik masuk tubik masuk..pastu dio jadi nk maroh gilo...nak marah ko budok2 tu. Dia oyak :

"awak ni kalau bising skali lagi..saya akan suruh awak TUBIK!!!"bdak2 KL hok dengar terpinga-pinga.."apa dia TUBIK cikgu?"

Kantoi 24 budak kelate:- mu gi beli timun cino kejap...budak johor:- nk berapa?.....budak kelate: (ngan muka confiden) mu beli daley 4-5 butir jadi ah...

pastuh budak johor tuh pegi kedai nak cari timun cina... selang beberapa minit kemudian...

budak johor: aku cari banyak kedai dah.. takde pun orang jual timun cina... apek buah tuh siap marah aku lagi.. dia kata dia tak pernah pun dengar timun cina, timun india, timun melayu....

masa tuh kitorang dah keras2 ketawa...... lepas explain kat dia yang timun cina tuh tembikai.. ngan dia2 pun ketawa besar.....

Kantoi 25 Sepupu aku hok duk johor balik cuti kat kg aku..pah tu gak adik aku nk tido laa skali depan tv dgn spupu johor aku tu..pah tu byk nyamuk..dio pun oyat gini..

"BANYAKNYE NYAMUK...BERBEROM-BEROM (bunyi nyamuk)...hahahaha..

Kantoi 26 Ado promoter gas mari umah aku..nk jual kepala gas untuk keselamatan gas gapo xtahu...mok aku hok interested nk beli..

pah mok aku ty laa..nk guno lagu mano ni..dio pun jawab..."mcm ni mak cik...kepala ni bawah ni mak cik CONCOS kat tong gas ni....

Kantoi 27 Ore kg aku duk KL, jenis tok beso kecek luar...dia ada duit besar nok g tukar keda...nok oyak guano ni nok tukar duit ni...dio kecek luar jugak...

“bang, nak tukar duit HALUS ada ?...”

Kantoi 28 dj radio: assalamualaikumpendengar: wa' radio: bagai mana keadaan cuaca di Jeli skg?pendengar: hujan berek-berek.....

Kantoi 29 ada anak buah kawe jate sore bdk KL.. umur 6 thn..comey kakloh jugok la... bila balik kg, budok2 tino pakat2 kerumun anok buah kawe tu,,serupo ore ulu tok rajin jupo manusio..

"Eiii... comANnye... geraNnye.... nama awak sape.... tembaNnye pipi... rasa mcm nak KENGKAF jerrrr.."

Kantoi 30 didi gi kl umah abg dia...abg dia suruh gi kedai beli dia pon gi kedai..smpai kedai dia tanya tokey...


ada banyak lagi kot..tapi nie jela yang mampu post setakat nie..saye sendiri pon selalu je tersasul kelante nih dalam perbualan harian..pinggan jadi pinggang..macam2 lagi lah..bile pikir balik malu jugak tapi memang lidah sudah takleh kontrol.hehe.tak caye tra tanye orang klate.seyes ooo