the shop: tudung bidang 60, 55 and 50



feel free to come and visit our page, TUDUNG BAWAL BIDANG 55
InshaAllah, we will provide you with different type of scarf (tudung) from bidang 50-60.
For the begginers, u can try the Tudung Turki Bidang 50 
while for those who are already wearing long hijab (inshaAllah istiqamah), check out Tudung Bawal 2 & 3 tones bidang 55 and also Tudung Akel Polkadot bidang 60
Here are some picture that might catch your eyes ;)

don't forget to visit our page at TUDUNG BAWAL BIDANG 55!

till next time. salam alaik :)

p/s: any suggestion about the page's name? kami nak tukar but have no idea, at all. maklumla, cuti kan. #eh

the story: i'm here


am still alive and kicking #eh.eiduladha
may Allah bless those who read my blog. yeah. i know, i didn't write for quite sometimes. busy ke malas ke. entah, just that Allah didn't give me any ilham to write something worth to be read. will be writing soon, inshaAllah, tunggu habis exam rabu nih..and yeah, i have like bundles of stories to be told, but we'll see..

till next time. inshaAllah. salam alaik

p/s: will be facing a lot of good byes and hellos soon. may Allah keep us stronger and firmer :)