ramadhan is coming!

oh yeah..pejam celik pejam celik isnin nie da nak puasa..hee..and here are some videos made by 2 of the most well known malaysian vlogger..check them out people :D

p/s: matluthfi sibuk ke lama da xupload video?

wordless Wednesday : magic

hey there teachers-to-be! this is a must watch film, fully recomended by me*pengkritik filem sejati.oh.haha =.=*

why must you watch it? well, basically, this story is about a dyslexia child..and how a teacher try to convey the child not to just drown in his own world and try to live like others..it's a heart touching, can make you laugh and cry film..seriously just watch it and suddenly it will make you a bit scared and anxious cause you'll never know what kinda students you'll meet one day..but still, you must and have and senang cerita compulsory to do your best in making them a good student right? and when the outcome is positive, oh, can you imagine the satisfaction that you'll get..just by thinking of that, i'll smile :)

opps....said that it's a wordless wednesday post and all of the sudden my post got quite a lot of words.haha.halal la kan. :D

p/s: have a great day today.cut my finger.alahai, cemerkap =.= 

quick and lazy one


da lame jugak tak update..malas..yes..malas with the capital words =.=

nie baru takde nuffnang account da malas kalau ada nuff's account memang tak naik ah traffic..anyway, sebenarnya nak buat recap for this week's activities tapi ye la, malas with capital words keep playing in me..haha

tapi i've got one thing to tell..i got my third baby..yes, yang first nama die laptop..da besar da, bukan baby da..umor pon 2 tahun dah..haha..yang second tuh, lambat lagi nak reveal sebab tunggu betul2 pandai baru boleh reveal and the third is...hehe...baru dapat tadi..i'll reveal it in my next post.. :D

p/s: tadi pegi BIG kat rumah anak yatim kat SP..teringat pulak adik2 kat rumah.. *sob2*

random #12

I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you. –Mike & Sulley (Monster, Inc.)


what you say ?

kindie hostage rescued

teachers.what say you? *der, direct translation punye bahasa =.=

further reading kindie hostage rescued

wordless wednesday : down memory lane

i'm in the middle. anis, me and shaz.oh i miss them :D

nie 2 tahon lepas.18 lagi, still got the teen..haha..comel kan? *bhaha,perasan =.=


cannot not agreeing his point.go matluthfi!! *big fan here..wuhuu,,same goes anwarhadi and aiman azlan*

FYI, he's one of young malaysian's vlogger, a kedah-an and currently pursuing his study in Australia.

p/s: Malaysia needs more him.