hectic: final semester


in another few months, i'll finish my study in IPSAH. in another few months, i might get posted to i-don't-know-which-state. in another few months, i'll be longer be a full time student.

but the another-few-months thingy, to go through it, is not easy. like seriously, this august, September and October are the most crucial months for me, and my friends. especially TESL people. action research report, the seminar, assignments, SPP interview, MQA files for accreditation (TESL only, we're pioneer T.T) and APTIS (yeah, i have to reseat haha not my luck yet to pass)

these are all to be settled by October. *take a super deeeeep breath*

doakan kami, my whole batch, pismp ambilan januari 2011 able to go through all theseee, and especially Tesl cohort 1, my cohort. too many things to do, within this time frame. may Allah ease everything.

may Allah bless. tata~