the story: raya



too many things to do. too many things that i want to do but i don't have the opportunity to do. too many things inside my head that is waiting for their turn to come out and show themselves. oho..dilema wanita sungguh...haha..anyway, salam eid to all..well, we're still in syawal right?

and yeah, today is september. it shows that i will have to go through a super busy month. assignments, perkhemahan KRS, Bina Insan Guru and etc.. and i really have no clue how i'm suppose to do all those things calmly..haha..may Allah ease our days..

malaih dah ceq nak menaip..nah amik la tatap gambaq raya ceq yang tak brapa nak havoc sgt tahun nie.. and i wonder why..age factor kah? -.-

masa nie tak nangis lagi.kental la konon.
dang.masa nih xleh tahan dah.haha -.- *buruk nor*
le familia
with uda's children
umi saya jangok
kid's rule
and i do not know when will i post a more serious entry. may Allah gives me the ilham to write.ameen.

off writing.till next time, assalamualaikum

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