vacation? at last!

it's been years since we have our family vacation.yes, years. i think we stop having our vacation when i was in form 5. ke awal lagi? entohle, lupe  sudah. ye la, sebab on that year, my ummi's pregnant, angah PMR, achik UPSR.. after me done with SPM, ummi gave birth and i went to PLKN. and the story goes on. Sebab exam, having a small baby stopping us from having family vacation.

and after years of no-family-vacation-during-holiday, at last, this year we actually went outside of Kelantan to have such vacation. Thanks to Irfan, because he's having a MRSM's interview at Besut. Well, we only stayed there for one night but it actually worth it la kan? seeing my litlle brother so jakun running here and there sebab tak pernah jejak kaki kat resort. And me, punya la semangat bawak DSLR segala bagai, sekali aku tertinggal bateri die o my Rabb what a shame! so, guna phone camera je la, nasib baik short trip. and yeah, clumsy me there =.=

jakun boy.haha
see, no chance to hold him.
*geleng kepala*
we stayed here

i grab him like, really tight.haha
esok kot dapat result.aigoo.hopefully i'll pass all the papers.amin.



♥izzati♥ said...

aktif nya danish..mcm kakak dia :)

fatihah azemi said...

haha..lama xnmpak, hilang ke mane izzat?

♥izzati♥ said...

akhir2 ni busy bukan hilang terus, kte silent reader :)