new me?

assalamualaikum. yeah. finally reconstructed my blog. didn't make it myself, i tend to seek some help. big thanks to the editor, wany. well, i randomly gave her the theme of my blog, so end up became a very nature lover blog. haha. go green yo! anyway, it looks gorgeous dear. oh yeah, 20th december, my result may be out.o my rabb! i just really wish that i am not failing any of the paper. ameen. and yeah, since kelantan is having musim tengkujuh, i think i'm having cold now, but not so serious. i should eat lots of vitamin C.aha.

facebook makes me bored nowadays. cewah statement =.=



Alang Ridhwan said...

lebih kemas dan selesa...

fatihah azemi said...

suci dalam debu kan?haha