this is...english?

hello.i'm mr. me if u wanna see me in bigger scale. ^^

one simple word in korean that bring the meaning of 'great' or 'big hit'. linguistic class, the class where we learn everything about english *i think so..rite seniors?..and our first lecture was about the history of language..seriously i can't imagine how language expand from one language to another was just so, fascinating..

and that was for our first lecture..there will be more fun parts coming!! wooohoooo!! and for sure it will be tougher..get prepare now fatihah! *baik!!berlari2 anak bukak buku linguistic.okey tipu, we haven't get our book yet =.='

jom belajar dengan lebih serius.jom jom!!


Anonymous said...

aku mmg xsuka nk blaja sejarah aku suka cikgu sepul..:P

fatihah azemi said...

ada: ceh..suke2 tapi mase ckgu ngajar tdo :P