the event: teacher's day



i was born to be teachers daughter. my abah and my ummi both are teacher. and me, myself and my brother, haziq, both of us are now studying in IPG, teachers trainee institution. inshaAllah in 2 and half years time, i will be an English teacher. same goes to my brother *he got 4 and half years more to go*.

since today is 16th may, i want to wish all of u that are regards as teachers, cikgu, sir, ustaz, ustazah, etc a very happy teacher's day..tanpa cikgu2 sape la saya dan anda2 hari kan?

happy teacher's day. may Allah bless.and may Allah accept the knowledge spread as our ibadah.ameen

till next time.inshaAllah.assalamualaikum.

p/s: selsema in the midst of exam. ujian Allah ja tuh. kuat fatihah kuat *senyum*

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