it's yellow and it's cheesy!

assalamualaikum.hye  there

seriously, i'm not a girl that really good in her cooking skill. it is not that i don't know how to cook or what, well, i know but not that much. i really do not really like to cook lauk because it is a little bit leceh but i'm on my way on loving it.haha.for the sake of my future.aha. so don't worry too much, i'll be expert by the time i'm ready to get marry.haha *all of the sudden keluar topik nih =.=

but when it comes to make kuih or in english we call it as cakes, i can handle it well. i have that interest more compare to cook the main dishes. i don't why, maybe because my mom didn't expose me to masak all those dishes but she did exposed me with desert world. *ok me not really sure with how to spell manisan in english, is it desert or dessert.ok fail cikgu nih failll* i even taught how to make 'puteri berendam' and few more traditional kelantanese desert before and it was fun need to face hot oils and stuff.haha.maybe that is the main reason why i love to make kuih ;p

well, the main reason of this post is that i just want to tell you that i've made my first cheesecake!! clap2.cewah, bangga dengan diri sendiri padahal orang lain da lama da buat.haha whetevere. this is called as self motivation and positive reinforcement ;)

don't judge two slices of cake by it's cut. cewah. i malas nak potong cantik2 actually.huhu. alhamdulillah it taste like cheesecake that my abah bought from his friend.hikhik *gedik oh gelak gini =.=

ok la.have a nice holiday to all IPG students and yeah, to those who will go through examination weeks, good luck! praying tha u'll have good result.ameen *hujan sekarang inshaAllah makbul doa. :)

p/s: kek aku semangat malaysia, buat before the game last night, kan da over yellow ;)


Alang Ridhwan said...

oit3, apa la salahnya kalau di pos kan kat aku. kan3? sebagai tukaran, aku kasi deghoyan, nak?

fatihah azemi said...

tudia..smpai changkat lada memang bkulat la kek nih..dorian tahan lama, pos le sket..haha

Mas said...

nice....nak try buat lagi skali tapi pikir byk kali sbb bahan mahai ngat aih! haha

fatihah azemi said...

under 20 ok le..cheese tu je hok mahal nye.hoho :)

♥izzati♥ said...

slrpp. jadi jugak akhirnya cheese cake awk ! :)

fatihah azemi said...

yeah..izzat try la..yang nie kukus ja, tak oven mehhh :)