how's your study skill?


it's been quiet a long time since i wrote something that is not ridiculous in this blog.oh biasalah, angin nak menulis something worth to read itu writing skill, where are thou? T__T

ok back to the topic, having some conversation with my father today. since i'm going back to college for study week, my dad ask me why don't u stay at home until the end of raya haji? *note that i still going back home for raya haji.haha* the only reason that i can gave is, at home it is hard for me to study with all that tempting stuff..for example, the very fast internet, ini kat IPSAH mane ade..KPM's wireless is really 'fast'..u know what i mean, right?

so, right after giving that konon2 a huge reason, my abah said "hmm..takde lagi la hok boleh challenge achik kalau bab2 study nih." terdiam sat, dah la masa tu makan nasi, cover nak nangis dengan minum, keluar bahasa melayu da, switchhh..

and right after that, i was thinking, my study skills during lower form, i mean form 1-3 *which at that time, me still studying at home*, where have the skills gone? after staying at hostel for 4 years, i lost the skills..nowadays home to me, is place where i gather with my family, bersuka ria and doing all sorts of things except for study..huh..ape nak jadi nih..haha

so, what is your study skills? especially at home..kot la, i can copy yours :)

p/s:  i used too many 'so' in my essay right? no wonder madam Quenie marah aku.haha =.=

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Hanih Borhan said...

tudia,sekali t'keluaq loghat utagha...'ayaq' jadinya,hahahaha...

study kat rumah memang banyak temptation...kalau pasal diri sendiri yg senang kalah dgn temptation (macam saya ni), tu sendiri kena ubah lah kan,hahaha...

kalau pasai ada adik2 kecik dok kacau,apa yg saya buat, study waktu org lain semua dah tidoq...stay up lah...

wallahualam... :)