awak,nak jadi ape?

when i was a little girl, people kept asking me, "kakak, nati kak besar nih kak nok jadi gapo?". and yeah, a cliche question will receive a cliche answer. "doctor!" even one of my uncle -Alang- was putting a high expectation on me and my brothers too..

i was holding to that ambition until i was in my form 5.yes.form 5.even my friendster's name is dr.tihah..tu dia semangat nak jadi doktor bukan main..but, u know He wrote everything beautifully for us..i was not meant to be a doctor i SPM result for science subjects were not that excellent but yeah, i actually still have chance during my matrix days, but i suddenly realized that i am more fond to languages. and because of that, i left matrix and went to IPG taking english as my major :)

walaupon agak sedih sebab tak dapat nak gapai cita-cita tuh, tapi i know what i choose today is the best for me. yes, memang hari ini tak mungkin la aku graduate as a doctor, but in future, inshaAllah i will try my best to produce tons of future is not easy tapi we never knew a child's future kan? just try rather than just sit back and relax doing nothing to those kids..

and2 tengok kawan-kawan yang bakal jadi doktor pon da sejuk hati ku ini.haha.and yeah, my besties, 3 of them are future doctors..lucky me, if i'm sick i can choose any of these 3 women. *wink*

there maybe some future doctors,engineers,teachers, architect.etc.
nasib baik mengajar primary school ja.depa nak sama besaq nga che' da =.=

selalu je terfikir, aku nanti jadi cikgu macamana nak mengajar dorang so that they can speak english with confident. huh. susah beb unless u're from a family that use english as medium of instruction.seriously

post hari nie memang agak serabai.haha.otak beku.tapi pernah ke post kat blog nih tak serabai? i should change this blog's name to serabai.haha  =.=

p/s: korang dulu cita-cita nak jadi ape ye?


♥zatty♥ said...

sy nk jadi peguam tapi as being said above, He writes our future beautifully. let's take this opportunity to produce more doctors and lawyers. Insyaallah :)

Alang Ridhwan said...

psychiatry...!!(doktor sakit mental)

fatihah azemi said...

hehe..kan2?sume orang lain2 die punye crite but let's produce more good people :)

bez amin said...

jadilah pape pun, Allah yg akan menilai. always do sumtin dat benefits ummah! :-)

fatihah azemi said...

bez amin: betol3..mudah2an kerja kite smua nih dikira sebagai ibadah di jalanNya :)