minggu nie, most of my iftar secara berjemaah..well, actually everyday i'm having iftar jamaie but for two days, me and my friends were having a bigger iftar jamaie..they're big enough to be called as big..okey merapu =.=

firstly, with silat cekak pusaka ustaz hanafi's members..yes, with IPSAH's friends, smk ibrahim's girls and our trainers and also our madam marsilah's family..rancak tak rancak, we did the iftar at a in laguna merbok..

yeah, i'm not in the pictures cause i'm the one that took most of the pictures using my ehem2 :)

and this is majlis iftar jamaie kolej was fun breaking our fast in the hall, together with all races..

till next time,,currently forcing myself to do the assignments with the capital letter S..wuuu.. :'(
ok bye.