dear you,i love you

abaikan gadis comel tersebut sebab sekarang
da tak comel.tapi cantik.haha. :P *perasan*

owh, wanita berbaju merah tu, kawan baik saye for about 20 years already,,eh, no, make it 21 years..since i was in her tummy, i declared her as my BFF..she gave me everything that i need dulu sampai sekarang..dia la fashion consultant, food consultant, love consultant, teacher dan lain-lain...

happy mother's day dear Puan Saripah Inom Omar.. i might not be the best daughter ever *this one i admit.huh* , but you are the best mother ever..

seriously she is stronger than me...a lot..and i'm praying to be as strong as her :))


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Alang Ridhwan said...

i love her too.. hakhak!