this is random

beb, it's not that cool to be in IPSAH until the class started..i just really wish that our class will start sooner..i'm so bored right now in the room with nobody except things from people that still enjoying their last moment at home..

and people, i have to start to think about my 2011 visions and missions, more playing around like little kid though i'm that kinda person..thought about it but i guess only minor things appeared on my mind.. oh me, please change =.='

oh yeah, tomorrow i'll officially become a degree student..hoyeah problem is that my english started to rust since i didnt speak in english at there any course that involving loghat kelate..? haha..need to polish my language more..*sigh*

p/s: tiba2 terfikir pasal cuti raye cina..oh..cuti lagi ^^ 

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